Jackson Yeh

Jackson Yeh is a manager on the IT Innovation Team at New York Presbyterian Hospital.  He leads a team tasked with solving complex enterprise problems like Length of Stay Reduction using innovative new technologies and approaches.

Jackson began his career at a startup, where he led projects at companies such as GE, Canon, and McKesson.  He joined the NYP family in 2006 as a project manager in cardiology, where he helped transition the department’s various modalities into one integrated electronic system.  He then moved on to work on the hospital’s Electronic Health Record system where he led a software development team in creating customized IT solutions to help improve clinical outcomes across the hospital system.

Jackson received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University where he studied Computer Science, Pre-Med and Economics.  He then obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the City University of New York and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Harvard University, graduating at the top of each program.  He also holds professional certificates in Health Information Technology, Web Technologies and Advanced Project Management from Columbia, Harvard and Stanford, respectively.  He is currently a practicing PMP and is also ITIL and HL7 certified.

In his spare time, he can be found giving lectures on Computer Science at Queens College-CUNY or visiting a local food festival.