Digital Health

“At NewYork-Presbyterian, we are looking to redefine the intersection of technology and healthcare and our new digital health platform is our way of strengthening traditional telehealth services. Together with ColumbiaDoctors and Weill Cornell Medicine, we are using data and technology to provide the very best care and treatment outcomes for our patients--wherever they may be--as well as seamless peer-to-peer access for our physicians across the entire organization.” - Dr. Steve Corwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian




In 2016, NewYork-Presbyterian created NYP OnDemand, digital health services for patients and providers. Each service focuses on a different stage of the health care process. Our apps and online services can connect our doctors to both a New Yorker with limited time in the day to address their flu, and a patient in another state with a complex diagnosis. These technologies also allow our doctors to communicate with each other more quickly. Finally, by providing the information and resources that our patients might need before and after their care, we help these virtual interactions to be as productive for our patients as an in-person visit.

The NewYork-Presbyterian Innovation Center collaborated across hospital departments to evaluate, build, and implement the technology necessary to achieve this digital health vision. The Innovation Center also trains providers about how to use the technology and to adopt it into existing workflows. In addition, our team educates patients and providers about NewYork-Presbyterian’s digital health opportunities. The Innovation Center also created the NYP App, which includes all of the NYP OnDemand mobile versions, as well as hospital information and online services. The NYP App is a key channel to digital health at NewYork-Presbyterian. The app centralizes all of the Center’s patient facing applications to make them as easy to find as possible, creating a seamless user experience for our patients and visitors.