Announcing the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge

The InnovateNYP: Open Challenge is a 10-week competition to identify and prototype innovative technology solutions to enhance the patient experience and provider communication. The challenge is open to the general public as well as all NewYork-Presbyterian employees. All entries must be submitted by July 24, and prototypes will be judged at the end of the submission period. Click here for more details.

Ideas come to life through innovation at NewYork-Presbyterian

“At NewYork-Presbyterian, we are constantly pushing the bounds of innovation. We have award winning programs that position us to be creative, scale, and deliver the best care for patients every day. We also know that New York City is a growing hub for technology innovation in healthcare. We invite you, the tech community, to help us create sustainable solutions. We look forward to hearing from you and finding a way to work together.”

- Aurelia Boyer, RN, MBA Chief Information Officer

- Peter M. Fleischut, MD Associate Chief Innovation Officer   

Innovation Center Updates:

  • 2015 Informationweek Elite 100

    • NYPConnect earned the hospital recognition on the 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100, marking NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's third time ranking on the list of top business technology innovators in the U.S.

  • NYPConnecT

                                                     Click on the image below to view an NYPConnect informational video

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has launched NYPConnect, a cross-campus mobile communication tool that securely and efficiently connects NewYork-Presbyterian staff members and providers to streamline patient care. 

As patients receive treatment in the hospital, there are numerous touch points where their care team may change. Tracking patient flow while connecting relevant care team members can be a complex process. Nonetheless, throughout a patient’s stay, it is critical that accurate information is digitally available to any staff that interacts with a patient.  

“Given these challenges, as well as our focus on improving the patient and provider experience, we embarked on an initiative to develop an innovative mobile communication tool that allows all care team members to communicate easily with one another,” says Dr. Steven J. Corwin, CEO, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  “NYPConnect will enhance communication for everyone at NYP, as it allows care team members, patients, and staff to connect with each other on any device, anywhere, anytime.  We are delighted about this exciting step forward.”

NYPConnect allows NewYork-Presbyterian staff to visualize up-to-date care teams by patient, creating a patient-centric mobile care team. Since team members can change by the minute, real-time data is critical to ensure appropriate patient care coordination. Additionally, the care team is able to securely share information through individual or group member messaging, enabling streamlined discussions on treatment. By updating communication through a mobile platform, NYPConnect will retire costly and outdated paging systems.

 NYPConnect also improves staff communication and significantly reduces call center volume. Approximately 33 percent of all call volume is currently from internal staff trying to identify colleagues’ contact information. NYPConnect provides staff with contact information, as well as the ability to directly call, text, email and instant message sites across all six NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital campuses, allowing easy access to consultations, procedural areas, nursing stations and patient rooms.

 “Our IT Innovation Team, focused on rapid and sustainable prototyping, understood the importance of offering a scalable, yet elegant solution to improve collaboration around patient care utilizing new technologies,” says Aurelia Boyer, chief information officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

 Future iterations of NYPConnect will be developed by the NYP IT Innovation Team and will include features indicating the real-time availability of colleagues, video conferencing for multidisciplinary rounds and comprehensive search/filter capabilities.