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NavHealth's Development FHIR Server

The base url for the FHIR's production resources are at https://navhealth.com/api/fhir or for development purposes at https://navhealth.herokuapp.com/api/fhir/

NavHealth uses the FHIR standard at version 1.0.1 (DSTU2) to exchange health information about the following resources. For the in production FHIR API we are creating these resources based on claims data from value based risk contracts.


  "resourceType": "Bundle",
  "type": "searchset",
  "link": [
      "relation": "self",
      "url": "https://navhealth.herokuapp.com/api/fhir/Patient?age=lt10"
      "relation": "next",
      "url": "https://navhealth.herokuapp.com/api/fhir/Patient?age=lt10&_skip=500"

To do that we need to find all patients 10 and under, get all of the events that happened to them, and present it in a user friendly way.

To find all patients 10 years old and younger, we must submit a FHIR query. The FHIR specification offers many query parameters. Not all are supported by the NavHealth API, but the common ones that are are listed in the "Mapped Query Parameters" section for each resource in the documentation below. For this specific query we need to search by age:


This gives us all the patients that are younger than 10 years old (age=lt10 where 10 is the age and lt denotes less than). Below is a snippet of the resulting request.