InnovateNYP: Pediatric Appathon Winners

Congratulations to our winners! The Pediatric Appathon over March 12th and March 13th also launched the InnovateNYP: Pediatric App Challenge, which is occurring over the next ten weeks. 



First place ($5,000 prize):

Team name: Kinder; Application name: “PIP.”

  • An educational app for parents to walk them through the stages of the care process while their child is hospitalized.
  • Digitizes the 40-page patient and visitor guide book used across NewYork-Presbyterian campuses.
  • Pulls customized information directly from each patient's medical record. 
  • Features include: instructions for before, during and after surgery, when and what their child can eat, what time medications will be administered, and where parents can sleep overnight. 


Second place ($3,000 prize):

Team name: My NYP Care Team; Application name: “Day by Day.”

  • Empowers families with information by giving them a snapshot of each day their child is in the hospital.
  • Parents will be put at ease knowing who is on their child’s care team at all times.
  • Tabs in the app allow parents to keep record of their child’s treatments, their child's tests, their conversations with physicians, and their personal notes. 


Third place ($2,000 prize):

Team name: Merge Conflict; Application name: “Discharge app."

  • Utilizes a barcode to take discharge papers and makes them mobile.
  • Parents can access details about their child’s diagnosis, appointment reminders, medication instructions (including actual photos of the medications), and a built-in contact feature to connect with the hospital care team after they get home.