Announcing the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge


The InnovateNYP: Open Challenge is a 10-week competition to identify and prototype innovative technology solutions to enhance the patient experience and provider communication. The challenge is open to the general public as well as all NewYork-Presbyterian employees. All entries must be submitted by July 24, and prototypes will be judged at the end of the submission period.

Interested participants may form teams of up to eight members to develop a working prototype that falls into one of these categories:

  • Patient Engagement, such as tools for Patient Experience Personalization, Patient Education, and Patient Entertainment.

  • Care Provider Communication, such as tools for Collaboration Dashboards, Patient Document Grouping, and Patient Care Tracking

NYP will also host two in-person networking events to provide additional details regarding the hospital's current systems and technology. Finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas at a demonstration day. The judges will award up to $25,000 in prizes!


  • Open Challenge:
    • Click here to learn more and register for the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge

  • Networking Events:
    • Click here to learn more and register for the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge Info and Networking Event

    • Click here to learn more and register for the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge Workshop and Q&A Session


Here you can find challenge participant information and hospital sample data that may help you create and develop your prototype.

  • Participant Information:

    • Click here to download the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge Participant Information Packet. The packet contains information to help guide you in the creation of your prototype submission.

    • Click here to download the text of the Q&A portion of the Challenge Workshop that took place on Saturday, June 6th.

  • Patient Engagement:

    • Click here to download Patient Engagement files that contain the following:
      • Patient Care Records - provides sample Continuity of Care Records as the ones used to organize patient health data by More information on this standard is available here
      • Medication Info - sample of the medication information that myNYP accesses when an inpatient is displayed their medications
      • Vaccine Info - sample of the vaccine information that myNYP accesses
      • Patient Satisfaction Comments - if you need inspiration, we've included comments from our 2013 Press Ganey survey. This survey is given to NYP inpatients about the quality of their stay and potential areas for improvement. This is NOT to be used as a data source, but as a way to find patient experience problems to be addressed.
  • Care Provider Communication:

    • Click here to download the Care Provider Communication file that Nursing staff use as a working document to capture vital signs for the patients and document information during Nursing rounds.

  • Information Security:

    • Click here to download NYP's baseline information security requirements for all applications developed during the 2015 Innovation Challenge. Challenge participants should note that before any application is deployed to production the NYP Information Security Department will perform a more detailed information security risk assessment to identify potential security risks beyond those described in this memorandum.

    • Click here to download the slides from the presentation provided by NYP's Chief Information Security Officer at the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge Workshop and Q&A Session that took place on Saturday, June 6th.

Judging Process:

The judges will review each and every solution at the close of the submission period. They will be given the submission requirements, which you can view again here—and the judging criteria, which you can view here, and is as follows:

  • Ease of Use (20 points)
    How intuitive is the experience? Would the end user find the application easy to use and understand?
  • Design (20 points)
    Does the prototype have an appealing aesthetic? Is its interface clear and simple?
  • Benefit for Users (20 points)
    Would the intended end user actually use this application? What would users gain from their experience using the application?
  • Creativity and Innovation (20 points)
    Is this a new idea? Does technology like this already exist? How innovative is the concept?
  • Overall Quality (20 points)
    Does it address any of the issues and problem areas noted by NYP on the Open Challenge website? Is the submission practical and useful to the hospital and patients? Is this a tool that could be easily implemented?

It's with great excitement that we announce the judges for the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge:

  • Robert E. Kelly, M.D. President, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital @nyppresident
  • Aurelia Boyer Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital @aboyernyp
  • Peter Fleischut, M.D. Associate Chief Innovation Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital @PeterFleischut
  • David Vawdrey, PhD Vice President, Value Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 
  • Peter Neupert Lead Director at Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp. @peterneupert
  • Brad Weinberg, M.D. Co-Founder, Blueprint Health @bradweinberg
  • Indu Subaiya, M.D. Co-chairman and CEO, Health 2.0 @bluetopaz

The first round of judging will yield three top finalists that will be invited to present in person at the Demo Day event:

InnovateNYP: Open Challenge Demo Day

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Griffis Faculty Club

521 E. 68th St.

New York, NY 10065

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

The winners of the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge Demo Day:

  • Congrats to all the finalists and the winners of the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge! Thank you to everyone that participated in the Challenge and to those that attended the Demo Day event. We are excited to announce the winning teams from Demo Day:

1st Place: MedChat

2nd Place: Mocabell

3rd Place: Curbsided

  • The Demo Day event was a huge success with over 120 attendees. A huge thank you to our judges. Dr. Robert Kelly, Aurelia Boyer, Dr. Peter Fleischut, Dr. Brad Weinburg, Peter Newport, Dr. Indu Subaiya, and Dr. David Vawdrey. Stay tuned for more information on a Feedback Session on the Challenge we will be holding this Fall.