Anyone can hack, females included

"I have always enjoyed what some would call 'organized chaos.' As a result, I am the type of person to participate in 'everything but the kitchen sink'--pardon the expression. My most valuable educational moments came from outside the classroom, from participating in co-curricular activities including robotics, cross-country running and debating, just to name a few. I joke with my family and friends that healthcare hackathons are quickly becoming my 'grown up' version of robotics, running or debate competitions. The thrill of participating, forming multidisciplinary teams, solving problems in order to ameliorate healthcare and just making new friends is the best adrenaline rush. You would have to participate to understand--and I would recommend doing just that." - Rivelle Zlatopolsky, Research Coordinator for Health & AI Lab 

NewYork-Presbyterian featured two participants of the InnovateNYP: Pediatric App Challenge on NewYork-Presbyterian's Medium channel. They are both members of the Appathon winning team, Kinder, renamed "PIP" after their first prize submission. Click above to read the full blog post.