Will “Telehealth” Soon Become, Simply, “Health?”

Dr. Rahul Sharma spoke at Healthcare Informatics' Health IT Summit, on the panel "Telehealth: New Platform for Population Health." As the emergency physician-in-chief in the Division of Emergency Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Sharma detailed to the audience Express Care, which gives visitors to the ER with non-life threatening injuries the opportunity to videoconference with physicians, saving them time in the emergency department. Dr. Sharma explained how the program empowers patients with more options: "The analogy we use is that years ago there were banks going up on every single street corner, and then the banks all put in ATMs. And people said that's crazy, why go to an ATM when they can go to the teller? It's the same concept. We're allowing patients a choice in how they get healthcare."