Jon Monteiro

Jon is a Project Lead for the NewYork-Presbyterian Innovation Team focused on technology implementation throughout the NewYork-Presbyterian enterprise. He serves as a liaison between front-line clinicians and IT teams to develop, implement & operationalize cutting-edge technologies that improve clinical workflows, efficiency and communication resulting in a better overall patient experience. Striving to create a direct partnership between IT & clinicians, Jon manages the first and only iUnit (Innovation Unit) at NewYork-Presbyterian, which serves as a testing ground for new technologies, to iterate and improve upon, that provide the best possible tools to clinicians which can be scaled throughout the enterprise. Additionally, he helps maintain the Innovation Team's external presence and collaborations by working closely with partnered Blueprint Health, a healthcare technology start-up accelerator program. As part of that collaboration, he created the "Convos & Coffee" program that allows anyone in the healthcare technology field the ability to speak with NewYork-Presbyterian Innovation and IT team members to get insight on the inner-workings of a large healthcare system.

Jon received his BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and is planning on receiving his PMP certification before applying to Business School.