Burn Treatment Board

"The Burn Treatment Board has significantly changed the way I practice. It facilitates communication and provides more accurate, comprehensive and timely information. Use of this tool enables planning, streamlines time management and minimizes administrative time." - Hope Hunter, PT



Providers in the iUnit are always on the move, but previously, they had to take an unnecessary, inefficient digression whenever they needed to view their weekly schedule. They traveled to a manual whiteboard in one room on the floor, removing them from their patients. The Innovation Center collaborated across the NewYork-Presbyterian IT department, and with Burn Unit clinicians, to create a solution that better reflected how providers desired to work on the unit. The Burn Treatment Board replaces the antiquated whiteboard with a current, color-coded clinical schedule accessible by any provider, on any device. The schedule is also prominently displayed on a digital board that can be seen by all staff members. 



  • Available on both a desktop or mobile device

  • Events can be filtered by the procedure type and provider

  • Physicians have the ability to update the Treatment Board at any time, from their desktop or mobile device, with:

    • New scheduled procedures

    • Changes to a scheduled procedure

    • Approve a scheduled procedure